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Full Version: DMT Buff Vendor
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TLDR: Sell DMT buffs in the mall for PvE tokens, do NOT offer ony/ZG buff

Edit: Put them in Azshara Crater as well?
Edit2: Add a non-resetable cooldown/debuff of 3-5 hours to force downtime and prevent having the buffs up 24/7.
Edit3: If a vendor is out of the picture, add a buffed version of King Gordon to AC, a version of him you would need 5 people to kill, possibly inside the same building as Omen. If it is possible, have the guards and the NPC that gives you king of the gordoks debuff spawn when he is dead after you down him.

DMT buffs are definitely easier to get on this server but can still be a pain sometimes, especially always needing a rogue, gordok suit, or a charge to blow the last door open. As I was running it the other day I was thinking if there could be a fair way to get buffs from a vendor in the mall and realized it could be possible. 
To most people PvE tokens on this server are useless after getting attuned to AC and they build up or get turned in for some gold, so why not use them to get PvE buffs, like DMT?
I don't really know what would be considered a fair amount per buff, and I'm also definitely against have only/nef & ZG buff vendors, if these buffs could be purchased ZG and Only would not have as many bis players helping newer players get some gear.
I don't really see how it could cause an issue with how things are going on the server, it'll maybe just make quest areas a little busier at the worst and that isn't so bad in my opinion.  

Maybe since warchiefs blessing is tough to get that can be considered, maybe for a higher cost.

nice idea
+1 - cool idea

I think its cool and unique idea +1
great idea +1
Hello, everyone!

I would like to see more replies to this to gauge what everyone in the community thinks. I like the suggestion personally, however I'm not sure everyone would like the idea of players with so many buffs being so easily accessible with high /played times and not new players. Due to the inherent difficulty and time investment required to get these buffs there is a sort of balance that exists already between risk and reward. Perhaps let us talk about a higher cost so that new players are not overrun by long-time players with full strong buffs all the time.

I'm not here to say this will or will not happen yet.

What should be a fair price to pay for DMT buffs?
I'm thinking maybe 75 PvE tokens each buff? Maybe use gold? I'm not sure.

Also putting a non reset-able cool down on them would work nicely, maybe like 3-5 hours so you're forced to have downtime with them. I was not considering the abuse of it in my initial post which definitely raises concern. Which in my opinion would make Only/ZG buffs even less desirable to have vendors for, that would be a mess just having those buffs at all times.
75 or 100 PVE tokens is quite some time farming already. Would probably not do PVP tokens (or increase amount), since people gather these quite fast.

Gold is probably also not a good idea, some people are loaded with gold and would be perma buffed, while new people will never have gold to buy it. The farming aspect is nice, and gives something to do. One could also consider some Azshara token perhaps; it also requires farming.
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