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Full Version: SnickSnack, the noob slayer
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Hello everybody, I started playing this server 4 weeks ago and love it, im already full t2 gear with naxx weps
I was thinking about playing classic untill I realized I dont have the time to grind to 60 and get gear as well as find a guild that would be laid back and chill, which is why im so glad theres this server.

Anyway, my ingame name is Snicksnack as ive ran into many of you ingame I finally decided to make a profile on the fourms and will be posting on here every now and then

A little bit about me...
I am
-22 year old CalifornianĀ college student who works part time
- A lover of all things anime(hentai included)
-A gamer
- A proud dad of a convertibleĀ 2005 bmw 330ci (
- A soundcloud rapper (

Hope to meet new people and start raiding with yall

Welcome! Hope to see you in-game Smile
Welcome to server! Retro>all
Hi Snicksnack,

Welcome here :-)

As you mention retail vanilla is so long to leveling :-(

BMW cars are so nice, I got this one (without the horrible black strip) myself long time ago :

[Image: bmw-1998-3-series-is-everything-that-you...back-2.jpg]

See you ingame ^^

Best regards,
welcome nerd here have a pic of my bike

[Image: YpSpKyB.png]

weclome MadCowSeason
Hiiiiiya Snick!
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